How To Extract A Broken Key Out Of A Lock?

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Extracting out a broken key from a lock can be tricky and definitely not an easy task but there are 4 methods you can try in order to extract a broken key out of the lock :

Take The Lock Apart

If you have some basic knowledge about locks then taking the lock a part is probably the best way to deal with this situation. What you need to do is to unscrew the out of the door and take out the cylinder. Once the cylinder is out gently pull out the broken key with pliers and make sure you removed all broken pieces and only then reassemble the lock back together.

Use a Key Extractor

If taking apart the lock is not an option then making use of a key extractor could be the next best option. This tool is specifically designed for grabbing broken key fragments and remove the out from the lock. It is a very thin metal strip with grooves that enable it to grip onto broken key pieces. To use this tool correctly just run it along the cut side of your broken key’ and try not to force it in any further then gently twist until you’re able to pull out the broken piece.

Needle Nose Pliers

If you don’t have a key extractor or you’re not exactly manage to work it then you can use a needle nose pliers. If there is enough part of your broken key sticking out that enables them to grip onto it and pull it out, this could work for you with tweezers.

Paper Clip

This approach involves using a paper clip in case all else fails. If there’s enough space in your lock cylinder for these objects to fit into then they should help pull out whatever part of the broken key that is still inside by pushing up on its pins until they reach past its initial cuts and can draw it out with enough friction when pulled back up towards you again.

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