Making Your Home Secure

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One of the most exiting days in life is the day you buy your first home. You take big pride in it and show it off to your friends but how would you feel if your home security was compromised and a thief brake into your home stealing your precious belonging and damage your house?

If you want to avoid all of this stress and despair keep on reading as we gathered few useful tips for you in order to keep your home safe.

Property Surrounding

Take a good look around your property for weak spots in your security system that you may not have yet noticed. Changing locks on entry doors to high security locks with features like anti drill, pick and bump. Also checking all windows locks is a must and if not working properly consider installing a security bar. Make sure your alarm system is working properly.

Preventing Moves

Make sure that it looks like someone is home at all times by using smart lighting timers and other smart device that you can remotely control like turning on the TV when you are not around. Keeping a spare key under a door mat or a flowerpot outside the house where anyone can find them is a big mistake and instead you can get a safe lock box installed in a discreet location around the house for your spare key.

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are man’s best friend and great guards. Usually when a thief hears a barking dog they will keep out and look for an easier place to break in.

Stay Informed

Have you talked to your neighbors lately? Keeping good relations neighbors is highly important and you can trust each other to call the police if noticing any strange behaviors happening in each other property.

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