How A Key Safe Lock Box Can Keep The Elderly Safe And Secure In There Homes

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If you have an elderly parent who lives alone it is very important to make sure that they have quick access to help in emergencies. One of the simplest and effective way is by installing a key safe lock box outside their home that store a spare key to their home.

What Is A Key Safe Lock Box?

A key safe lock box is a sturdy metal box designed to store the spare key to your property. The box is usually screwed in place at a district location outside the house and can be opened by entering a unique combination code. This code will only be known to the owner of the house, family members and emergency caregivers. With a spare key stored in a safe lock box you can have confidence that your elderly relative’s can be reach in any case of emergency or if they ave locked themselves out of home.

What Are The Benefits Of Key Safe Lock Boxes For The Elderly?

Key safe lock boxes offer great benefits for those with an older relative living alone especially in emergency situations such as if the fall and cant reach the door to open it for emergency caregivers then someone trusted perhaps a good neighbor or a relative over the phone to provide them the code for the lock box and access the key quickly and easily without having to break down the door.

Keys can easily misplaced and with a key safe lock box there is a spare key available 24/7 and it is recommended for the elderly not to carry the key with them which eliminates the stress of a lost key and getting locked out.

Nowadays there are more and more sophisticated models and even advance digital biometric that are powered by batteries and offer great features like fingerprint reader which eliminate the need to remember codes, low battery warnings alerting straight to your smartphone, tamper proof housings that let somebody know if someone has messing with it and anti theft protection which alarm you imminently when somebody tries to remove it it from its mounting.

How To Keep A Key Safe Lock Box Safe

To provide extra peace of mind and to ensure the safety of your key safe lock box on top of choosing the best a most secure box you can adopt these following three tips:

  • Install an alarm system in your home to alert you if someone entered your home while you’re away and also to deter criminals if they try to break in.

  • Install security cameras to deter criminals and to 24/7 monitor your home.

  • Make sure your have home insurance cover the contents of your home in case of a burglary.

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