How A Key Safe Lock Box Can Keep The Elderly Safe And Secure In There Homes

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If you have an elderly parent who lives alone, it is very important to make sure that they have access to help when they need it. One of the simplest and most effective way of keeping them safe is by installing a key safe lock box outside their home. But what is a key safe lock box, and why should you consider one? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is A Key Safe Lock Box?

A key safe lock box is a sturdy metal box designed to store the key to the front door of your property. The box is usually nailed in place on concrete or brick outside the house and can be opened by entering a unique combination code. This combination code will only be known to the owner of the house and anyone else they allow access to their property. With a key safe lock box in place, you can have confidence that no intruders can get into your elderly relative’s home.

What Are The Benefits Of Key-Safe Lock Boxes For The Elderly?

Key safe lock boxes offer numerous benefits for those with an older adult living alone but unable to give out a key to their home. In an emergency situation, such as if the elderly person falls over or becomes unwell, then someone trusted – perhaps a neighbor or relative – will be able to enter the code into the lock box and access the key quickly and easily without having to break down doors or windows etc., thus granting them quick access into the home before medical assistance arrives.

Additionally, with more sophisticated models now on offer, many come with additional features such as low battery warnings alerting you if there isn’t enough power left in order for it to be used correctly; tamper-proof housings that let somebody know if someone has attempted tampering with it; LED lights allowing people see what number they are entering more clearly after dark; anti-theft protection which stops people from removing it from its mounting; plus much more besides.

Key Safe Lock Boxes And Personal Alarms

To provide extra peace of mind and ensure that any problems your elderly relative may experience are spotted quickly, it might also be worth considering investing in some kind of personal alarm device too – either in bracelet or pendant form – which can enable them to alert help in an emergency situation when necessary (not just health emergencies but also burglary/intruder alerts). This way, not only do you have quick access through your key-safe lock box but also immediate contact with emergency services if needed due to alarms being triggered from within your property too.

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