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Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone that can be quite thrilling and overwhelming and with all of the unpacking and organizing it can be easy to forget about one of the most important aspects when actually moving into a new place which is your security.

Do You Need New Keys?

You never know how many copies of the old keys are out there as previous owners, realtors and contractors and the list goes on. To ensure only you have access it is a great idea and highly recommend to call a locksmith technician to come over and perform a total security check for doors and locks. A locksmith technician will be able to assess any installed hardware in your home and quickly decide if any lock replacement is needed or a quick lock rekey can solve all your problems.

Securing Your Home Beyond Doors

New locks and new keys are a fantastic first step but it doesn’t end there! Make sure all windows and patio doors locks work properly and consider adding security bars if necessary.

If you want to upgrade your home security a professional locksmith can install smart locks on your entries doors and also a CCTV system so you will be able to monitor your home 24/7.

Also installing an alarm system is a wise and informed decision as it deter thieves and and an extra layer of security to your new home.

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