New House New Keys

New House New Keys

Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone that can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Congratulations on finding the right place to call your own! With all of the packing and organizing it can be easy to forget about one of the most important aspects—your security. As soon as you post the SOLD sign out front of your new property, it is like an invitation for any opportunistic burglars out there who may be tempted by the thought of all your shiny new belongings.

Do You Need New Keys?

It is a great idea to call a locksmith technician to come out at your new property and perform a security check. A locksmith technician will be able to assess the currently installed hardware in your home, determine if any replacement, maintenance or additions are needed and advise you on the best course of action for securing your home. If you did not purchase a brand new build, but rather purchased a rental property from another tenant — it is highly advised that you change the locks immediately. It is important to know exactly who has access to your house and its contents in order to ensure that you are secure with no unwanted visitors entering without permission.

How’s Your Home Insurance?

It is also important that you consider how well equipped your home is in regards to meeting any requirements outlined within your home insurance policy; such as having deadbolts on doors or window locks installed etc. If these requirements have not been met, then should an incident occur, it could potentially render void any coverage you would have been expecting from your insurer. Taking precautions against potential break-ins not only helps keep intruders out, buts also gives you peace of mind knowing that everything inside is safe and sound.

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