4 Easy Ways To Fix Sliding Door Locks

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There are few reasons why a sliding door locks can stop working whether it’s the latch is locked in a locked position or maybe can’t locked at all.

Are you looking for a quick and reliable sliding door repair? Here are 4 methods to fix most common sliding door lock issues:

you to choose from, whether the latch of your sliding door is locked in a locked position or maybe can’t locked at all. In this article we reveal 4 common methods to fix most of sliding door lock issues

Sliding Door Locks Lubrication

Sliding door locks typically use a latch mechanism to keep the door closed and sometimes this mechanism can wear out for many reasons like dirt that build up in it but mostly because of extensive use. The most simple and common way to fix it is with lubrication. Apply lubricant like WD-40 on all parts of the lock that are stuck and not moving and try also to reach the internal parts by spraying the lubricant into spaces that lead to those components.

Door Issues

Sometimes the problem is with the door itself especially for sliding glass doors because of their long tracks and tight tolerances. If a something has formed in the track or if it has become deformed from any reason there are 2 way to deal with it. Start with cleaning out any dirt that might interfere the door slide smoothly over the tracks and if necessary lift the door out of the tracks and give it a thorough clean. If the door or track has become deformed either moving the lock up or down may fix it.

Lock Repair

Lock repair is considered an alternative option when it comes to fixing sliding door locks rather than replacing them entirely. Typically disassemble cleaning and reassemble the lock can fix the problem and can be easily done with minimal efforts but some cheaper models may be permanently damaged by taking them apart.

If it’s a mortise lock that is installs on your sliding door you can carefully slide it out of a pocket and open it up for cleaning and replacing any broken part inside as these locks are specifically made to be serviceable.

If the lock is jammed you might need to use tweezers in order to remove any foreign objects blocking internal parts and attaching any disconnected parts back into their proper position.

Lock Replacement

At times replacing a lock might prove more cost effective and less time consuming than repairing or if a certain part become unavailable we recommend to replace the entire lock. Most sliding doors can not be adjusted to fit a different style of lock which means that if your sliding door has a mortise lock then you’ll need to get the lock for successful installation.

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