The Best Locks For Your Home

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An important question that repeats many times is: “What is the best lock for my home”

I know you were hoping for a detail list of locks that would be perfect for your home but it just isn’t a clear cut subject and a good example for different security needs and requirements is a sliding door lock and a hinged door lock that are similar but at the same time very different as well.

When it comes to choose the right locks for your home there are few guidelines you should follow:

Type and Operation

You will have to determine the role of each door in your home and as a result install the right for the application. Here are few example:

Mortise lock: High security key operated immersed deadbolt lock which is mostly found on old traditional wooden doors (expensive to install).

Deadbolt lock: Key operated deadbolt are most common exterior door locks.

Night latch: Spring loaded bolt with inside lever handle and outside key access (less secure than deadbolts).

Doorknobs: The handles on our interior and exterior doors. It is highly recommended when installing on an exterior door to install a deadbolt lock too as doorknobs lock are not secure enough.

Smart lock: Keyless entry lock uses smartphone, keypad and proximity fobs to open exterior doors (very convenient but expensive).

Padlock: Portable lock with key or combination code for various uses including doors.

Consult a Locksmith for Expert Advice

A locksmith isn’t just for emergencies and consulting with a professional locksmith before buying a new lock is a smart move. They’ll assess your doors and security needs and provide the most inform and detailed information about what would fit your requirements as possible. You can rest assured that with the expertise of a certified locksmith you will get the right lock.

It’s Not All About The Lock

It is very important to remember that when it comes to get optimal performance from a lock the installation of a lock is just as important as the lock itself and as much as you think you can do it yourself a qualified locksmith is highly recommended for the job!

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